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Manual Handling Training


More than a third of three-day injuries reported to the HSE are caused by manual handling

It is estimated that in 2001/2002 Great Britain over one million people suffered musculo-skeletal injuries (MSD's) caused or made worse by their current or past work

An estimated 12 million working days were lost to these MSD's

On average each sufferer took about 20 days off during that year

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for anyone who carries out manual handling activities as part of their employment

Course Length

Half day

Course Content
  • Definition of manual handling
  • Identification of manual handling tasks
  • Anatomy of the Spine - vertebrae and discs
  • Injuries caused by manual handling
  • Assessing risk from manual handling tasks (TILE)
  • Reducing the risk of injury from manual handling tasks
  • Team lifting
  • Correct lifting technique - explanation, demonstration and practice

For further information about manual handling, see the HSE website