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We've heard them all:

Q: When does a person decide to become a Health and Safety Trainer?
A: When he realizes he doesn't have the charisma to be an undertaker.

Q: What do Health and Safety Managers use for birth control?
A: Their personalities

Q: How can you tell an extroverted Health and Safety Consultant?
A: When he talks to you, he looks at your safety shoes instead of his own

But has health and safety become a bit of a joke? What do you think?

True or False?

  • Health and safety rules have banned hanging baskets
  • All office equipment must be inspected by a competent electrician annually
  • The HSE has banned the use of stepladders in the workplace
  • Employees should not be expected to lift loads of over 20 kg
  • The HSE has banned employees putting up Christmas decorations
  • Work on asbestos can only be carried out by a licensed contractor
  • Employees cannot be prosecuted under health and safety legislation
  • It is not always possible to work in a hazard-free environment
  • Any breach of HASWA or associated regulations constitutes a criminal offence
  • Most requirements under health and safety legislation require action to be taken "as far as reasonably practicable", which enables the employer to take cost into consideration
  • Falls from height remain the single biggest cause of workplace death and one of the main causes of major injury

In fact only the last four statements are true.

Whether its advice, training or other services you need, we can't guarantee to tell you what you want to hear, but we'll tell you how it is - how it really is, no nonsense or costly flannel or frills.

Prices are not quoted on this website; we always aim to work as effectively as possible and avoid unnecessary costs to achieve maximum value for money for our clients. Please phone for a free, no-obligation chat or visit.